Music Festival Moving Tips


Being on tour as a musician is a difficult task in itself. Now, when you want to move to another town, you have to be extra careful about your guitars, drums and other instruments. During big music festivals, you may want to move stuff around even more. Whether you want to move your piano or your entire set of musical instruments, you need to make sure to ask the right questions to the moving company you hire.


1. Are you a broker or do you work for the mover?
Brokers help clients match up with moving companies. However, keep in mind that a broker is not responsible for any damage or loss. A broker can also not give a binding estimate.
2. Do you offer binding quotes?
A broker or mover may give you a quote that is not binding over the phone. Movers may give a binding upon reviewing your items in person.

3. Are there any extra charges of the quote?
Quotes can include extra charges. These include fuel charges, flight charges, appliance charges, parking charges, awkward objects,etc. Let the moving company know if you have a piano upfront. Ask them whether they have equipments to handle heavy items.

4. Will my valuables be transferred?
Some long distance moves can require your valuables be transferred to another truck. This extra handling raises the possibilities of damages.

5. What are your terms of payment?
It is advisable not to hire movers who only accept cash. Ensure you are very clear on the deposit amount versus the amount due on the delivery. Also know is deposits are refundable. Companies with merchant account generally accept credit cards. Ensure you ask if credit cards are an option.

6. Do you include an insurance in your quote? What type of insurance? What else do I get?
The basic insurance coverage is 60 cents/dollar. Your moving company may however upgrade a reasonable price. You can optionally work with a third party insurance provider to cover the move.

7. Who is responsible for breakages or missing items?
This questions is a follow-up to the previous question; it clearly breaks down who is responsible for what. When you go for a man with a van transport, the company is will let you know exactly what kind of insurance they provide for your items. For self-service moves, you may not be reimbursed for poorly packed items.

These tips will come in handy during your next musical extravaganza. Tour from one city to the other without having to worry about the safe transport of your musical instruments.



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